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Liner's Security And Patrol a fully licensed and insured security agency located in Sacramento serving Northern California and the surrounding areas.

We provide expert service and consultation with every client in their area of security needs. Liner's Security And Patrol completes security needs on every level: We are well aware of the ever present and continually rising crime rate in our society. Therefore, we understand the level of concern regarding the protection of your company's employees and assets. We offer a team highly trained and well educated security officers experienced and equipped to deal with and eliminate all your security concerns such as:

Liner's Security And Patrol has chosen to remain a small-sized organization over the years so that we can be more personal with our employees as well as our clients. It has allowed the owner and president to be readily accessible when clients questions and concerns arise. We have a management team and office staff to meet the requirements of your security needs. You can rest assured we will perform and assist you with managing your properties in an effective and cost efficient manner. We strive for professionalism; and take pride in our dedication.


Liner's Security And Patrol offers a cost effective option of mobile patrol to reduce vandalism, theft and violence at residential, commercial and industrial locations. Our patrol drivers are in constant contact with our dispatch and are minutes away from a fellow Security Officer who can provide back-up support.

Liner's Security And Patrol delivers effective, reliable mobile patrols throughout the Sacramento area. Each vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracking and mapping system. The tracking of each vehicle is done 24/7 through the CPS Dispatch Center and this system transmits all information related to the vehicle. Each vehicle report also includes speed, location and any mechanical issue. All patrol stops are recorded and tracked on a server where the client can retrieve information about any patrol stop within the past 30 days.

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Standing Guard

Armed or unarmed, our standing guard services and vehicle patrol service is available for Industrial, Residential and Commercial properties which includes but not limited to the following venues:

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Senior Wellness

Liner's Security And Patrol has started their own division of wellness checks. This is a personal service that helps seniors stay in their own homes longer while we make regular scheduled visits with them to check on their wellbeing. We will spend approximately 30 minutes interacting with the resident and then report on basic concerns:

Our staff knows how to interact appropriately with seniors as they conduct the wellness visit.

They will speak and act compassionately as they talk to each resident and walk through the home.

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Reporting Information into Capital Trac Services.

Our employees will take notes during and after the visit on a handheld PDA. Our staff will input all information onto our online reporting system where it it is instantly available on a secure website 24/7 to authorized users.